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Lectures and workshop materials.

Thoughts on Research
This document is work-in-progress
  • I've written down some of my thoughts on how to conduct research. Perhaps it helps some.
  • Find the document here
  • I'd be happy to hear your feedback on how to improve it.

University of Amsterdam

Foundation Models
Spring 2024: Co-Lecturer, Co-course-coordinator
Deep Learning 1
Fall 2022/2023: Lecturer, course coordinator
  • 6 ECTS module in the MSc in AI course at UvA.
  • Content: Basics in deep learning, optimisation, and various topics
  • Find the website here, and Phillip's tutorials here
  • Slides are here; mini-series on "how research gets done" here
  • Playlist of 2022 version; and Lecture 1:
Self-supervised and vision-language learning
Spring 2023: Lecturer of module
  • 1 ECTS Submodule at the Deep Learning 2 course in the MSc in AI course at UvA
  • Content: SOTA vision-language models, LLMs + vision models, in-context learning
  • Slides are here
  • Lecture 1:
  • Lecture 2:
Presentation training
VIS Lab group meeting
  • How to present and communicate in academic settings
  • Short workshop, practical exercises, including powerpoint karaoke
  • Slides are here